ICECLEANER NIAGARA Spüler für Eisportionierer

the cleaner for the ice cream scoop

    the cleaner for the ice cream scoop

How it works

The rinsing container

A rinsing container in stain/ess steel quality made especially for the ICE CREAM CLEANER is available.
It is standarized and fits in all ice-cream cold shelves (it can also be screwed on).

Technical specifications

The ICE CREAM CLEANER is manufactured in stain/ess steel and has been tested and controlled by the Austrian Federallnstitute for Food Control.
The required water press ure is between 1-5 bar (14 .5-43.5psi).
The ICE CREAM CLEANER can be used on normal water pipes.
Series 3/ 8 inch, upon request 1/ 4 or 1/ 2 inch possible.


Technical specifications subject on change.